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Heartroom Gallery
Painting With Us is a Joy

I am a patient who suffers from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. The illness has caused me excruciating pain and great inconvenience. Needless to say, it affected my daily life. Thankfully, I happened to chance upon Heartroom Gallery on a faithful day and got to know Mei Ho, the Principal Artist. She’s been a wonderful teacher turned friend and mentor since. At Heartroom Gallery, I feel the warmth, the tremendous peace, and comfort whenever I paint. The pleasantly relaxing and cozy environment has allowed me to forget momentarily, the immense pain the illness has brought me. Most of all, from the painting lessons with Mei, I have also regained my self-confidence and self-worth and become worry free. That has certainly meant the world to me. I cannot thank you enough, Mei Ho and Heartroom Gallery.
Zoe Juay


Art Classes at Heartroom Gallery are fun, relaxing and can be addictive. Our classes are meant to be for anyone who wants to learn how to paint with no pressure of classes that are too structured. Most of our classes are for all levels. However, some like our Russian Floral classes are for more advanced students in Decorative Painting.

What we do at the Heartroom is to take you back to your artistic self. Art shouldn't be too structured as it takes away the fun in art.

Heartroom Gallery

We have been teaching art since 1996. We were originally known for our Decorative Art classes but have since expanded our offering.

Our teachers come from various arts background with over 50 years of combined experience.

People just love coming to the Heartroom

The Heartroom Gallery is located in an area where you least expect an art studio to be. We are an art studio that is right in the heartland of Singapore. This makes the experience even more unique and calming. We are away from the hustle of town but yet not too far away. There is good food and drink all around.

Paint what you want

Our teachers guide you the best that we can. It is the artist's choice and the artist is you.

Meet new people

Meet new people at the Heartroom Gallery. You will get to meet people from all walks of life here. It's a great social setting while sharing common interest in the arts.

Touching lives through art

There's a reason why we are called Heartroom Gallery. Come in and find out why our students keep coming back for more and make life long friendships.


Over 50 Years of Combined Experience


We've been around since...


1st artjam for my hub & I. We didnt expect the finished piece was so impressive! Mei was very patient to guide us with some painting strokes and that made alot of difference on the painting.We enjoyed artjamming very much. Will come back again with our 2 young kids - "Art jamming for family"read more
Ivy Chiong
08:02 05 Apr 17
This is a heartland studio capable of facilitating big-scale events at affordable rates :D We engaged Heartroom Gallery for our divisional mass artjam session in early June for 100pax. Mei, Germaine and their team of facilitators were very friendly and helpful in assisting us with our set up when we were running late. For the number of participants, there's sufficient facilitators going around giving suggestions or guidance to people that need them. In particular, we were very happy that everyone is provided with their own set of canvas, brush, water and plastic plate (for paint). Everyone had fun and the event was a success. Will definitely return to Heartroom Gallery for my own artsy more
Angeline Chia
03:11 20 Jun 17
Elizabeth Tan
10:13 19 Jun 17
15:20 18 Jun 17
su an chan
11:34 18 Jun 17
Truly glad to find Heartroom gallery where I can once again enjoy painting. Owner & teacher Mei’s is patient and attentive to her students. And she definitely has superb painting skills and her art works are fabulous! I’m looking forward to more learning with more
Vinna Tan
15:12 04 Jul 18
This place is different from other art school. It more on teaching drawing than doing business. Give more freedom to students in thier art. Lessons is 2hours, student really can forcus on learning well better than only 45mins more
Curious Guy
04:29 28 Oct 18
Kel S
15:44 07 Jun 19
Sara-Ann Ho
17:27 09 Sep 19
Joyce Yip-Too
04:17 25 Sep 19
I'm grateful that my first art jamming experience was at Heartroom Gallery. My friends and I had a fun and therapeutic time painting there. The paints were of high quality and easy to use. Mei Ho was a warm and friendly facilitator and we hope to be back more
Abraham Lee
03:53 05 Sep 20
Love the environment there. Very peaceful place to release your artistic talent.
Xelcius Studio
12:26 12 Sep 20

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