Heartroom Gallery
Painting With Us is a Joy

So glad to find my heaven in the heartland. This place called Heartroom Gallery!…Forget your cares and totally immerse yourself in doing just one thing…PAINT! The experience is so fulfilling!…
Amy Tan


Art Classes at Heartroom Gallery are fun, relaxing and can be addictive. Our classes are meant to be for anyone who wants to learn how to paint with no pressure of classes that are too structured. Most of our classes are for all levels. However, some like our Russian Floral classes are for more advanced students in Decorative Painting.

What we do at the Heartroom is to take you back to your artistic self. Art shouldn't be too structured as it takes away the fun in art.

Heartroom Gallery

We have been teaching art since 1996. We were originally known for our Decorative Art classes but have since expanded our offering.

Our teachers come from various arts background with over 50 years of combined experience.

People just love coming to the Heartroom

The Heartroom Gallery is located in an area where you least expect an art studio to be. We are an art studio that is right in the heartland of Singapore. This makes the experience even more unique and calming. We are away from the hustle of town but yet not too far away. There is good food and drink all around.

Paint what you want

Our teachers guide you the best that we can. It is the artist's choice and the artist is you.

Meet new people

Meet new people at the Heartroom Gallery. You will get to meet people from all walks of life here. It's a great social setting while sharing common interest in the arts.

Touching lives through art

There's a reason why we are called Heartroom Gallery. Come in and find out why our students keep coming back for more and make life long friendships.

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience


We've been around since...

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