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Beginners Chinese Calligraphy Lessons

Chinese Calligraphy Classes at Heartroom Gallery

Ever thought of learning Chinese Calligraphy?

Chinese Calligraphy classes are now available at Heartroom Gallery. Read more about this beautiful artwork in this article. Learn about the tools used, how to sit while writing and how to hold the brush.

These are among the many things you will learn at Heartroom Gallery.

The Four Treasures


Chinese Calligraphy Brushes at Heartroom Gallery

Animal hair is typically used to make a brush used for Chinese calligraphy. Sheep and Wolf are conventional sources, while the hair of the bear, pig, chicken, rat are also used. Bamboo is used to make the stick that holds the hair that forms the brush.

Chinese Ink

Chinese Ink

Unlike western pen ink, Chinese ink is made from pine charcoal, which can’t be used in a regular pen because the Chinese ink will dry and stick in the tube of the pen. Therefore, Chinese ink is solidified and made into a stick called an ink stick. Before writing, the calligrapher grinds the ink stick with water to obtain the black liquid ink.

Chinese Paper

Chinese Calligraphy on Rise Paper

The paper used for Chinese Caligraphy is the Xuan paper. Xuan paper is distinguished by its high water absorption. If Xuan paper is unavailable, toilet paper is a good substitute.

Chinese Inkstone

The Inkstone is a bowl used to grind the ink stick and to keep the ink liquid. The inkstone comes in various shapes and sizes and is a major component in making the ink. A good inkstone results in better quality ink.


Having the right posture when writing Chinese calligraphy is important.


• head is upright;
• the body is straight;
• the shoulder is aligned;
• arms are opened;
• feet are still.


Holding The Brush

Holding your arm away from the desk makes it easy to write huge
characters. This enables your arm to be free so that movement is without any restriction;

Putting your arm on the desk is more stable and allows control of your brush. Stability is especially important for beginners. When you are holding a brush, there should be a space in the middle of your hand so that you could move all of your fingers and the brush stick should be vertical.

Method for Chinese Calligraphy


Making Ink is the first thing to learn. Beginners are like a chef trying different recipes when making ink. Fortunately, there are only two ingredients for the ink, one is the solidified and concentrated ink stick, and the other is water.

Start by painting any random thing on Xuan paper to see how the liquid moves when you move your brush fast or slow using only the nib or the full brush hair. Try it, and observe the ink on the Xuan paper. Eventual mastery of Chinese Caligraphy means that you can imagine how the brush strokes will look even before you put brush to paper.


Practice by copying. Copying is the best way to start learning Chinese calligraphy. Copy from Samples or Copybooks, you will understand the balance of structures not only between a single Chinese character but also the whole work on a large scale. Practice makes a habit.

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  1. Stefan Ho says:

    Could you send me more information on classes

  2. Alicia says:

    Hi! Do you have class available on 24 January 2022, either morning or afternoon? May I know the rate is it for beginners and a class of 11? Thank you

    • artist at HRG says:

      Hi Alicia, unfortunately, no classes on Mondays yet. We do have evening classes every Friday if you can make it. Let us know if you need more info.

  3. TAY Cheng Hong says:

    Will there be slots for lessons this month?

  4. Angela Feng says:

    Hi, may I know the next available class/price thanks!

    • artist at HRG says:

      Hi, you can start anytime, the cost is $250 for 4 lessons over 1 month. This excludes purchase of a beginner kit which will usually cost $80 to $100.

  5. FL says:

    Hi could you share the schedule/price for Chinese Calligraphy class as well?

  6. Chris Ng says:

    Hi is there a Chinese calligraphy experience class like the Art Jamming session you have? Looking at a 1 time experience for the family. Young adult, Adults n senior.

    • artist at HRG says:

      Yes, there is but there is little guidance. However, we can arrange for a one-time session with some guidance.

  7. Shing says:

    Hi, could you share the schedule for the chinese calligraphy? Is this eligible for skills future credit?

    • artist at HRG says:

      Hi Shing, thank you for contacting us. I will send you the schedule directly. Unfortunately, Skills Future is not eligible at this moment.

  8. Brigitte Tin says:

    Hi there

    Do you provide class for a group of people to learn the chinese calligraphy?

  9. JOVIAL LIAN says:

    Hi, may I get the class schedule pls.. thank you:)

  10. Lavi Lev says:

    Hi ,
    Is the class tought in English or Mandarin?
    I am an English speaker learning Mandaring but my speaking level is HSK 3 (pretty poor), very interested in learning caligraphy though.
    If not possible in a classroom form, is private teaching possible?

    • artist at HRG says:

      Hi Lavi, the class is taught in english. The teacher is fluent in both english and mandarin.

  11. Dexter Yeo says:

    Hi, do you have beginner classes? Where can I find the schedule? Thanks

    • artist at HRG says:

      Hi Dexter, yes, the classes are a mix of beginner and intermediate. The instructor finds that the mix of various experienced students helps everyone. I will send you the schedule to your email directly.

  12. Michelle says:

    Hi is the price $250 for one class or for a few classes?

  13. Joeline says:


    Is there any calligraphy lessons for a 7yo? What’s the timing, groups size and fees like? Please advise…Thank you

  14. Kandy Seah says:

    Calligraphy class will learn the different stroke or can I focus on just one stroke? I prefer will (Kaisu)

    • artist at HRG says:

      Hi Kandy, thank you for contacting us. You can tailor your lesson with Mr. Chew Choon. Classes are on Mondays from 10am to 12pm or Fridays from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

  15. Vernon says:

    Hi I am interested in next friday’s Chinese Calligraphy class, is the fee $250 for one lesson only thanks

  16. Liew says:


    Is there any calligraphy painting lesson for kids of 7 years old ? Thanks

  17. Jone Tan says:

    Hi, I am interested in learning basic calligraphy. Am looking on weekdays.
    Could you advise on the schedule and the cost involved?
    Thank you very much.

    • artist at HRG says:

      Hi Jone, Thank you for contacting us. Will send the schedule for our calligraphy classes to you directly.

  18. Evelyn says:

    Hi, when is the beginner Chinese calligraphy class starting?

    • artist at HRG says:

      Hi Evelyn, thank you for contacting us. Will email you directly with details of the Chinese Calligraphy class.

  19. Jia Ru says:

    Hi there,

    May I please know how do we sign up for the classes? (:

    • artist at HRG says:

      Hi Jia, best is to call Mei directly or visit us. I’ll email you directly to give you her number.

  20. Bee says:


    May I know whether the calligraphy class is for writing (chinese character ) OR
    painting ( bamboo or flowers) ?


    • therealsonic says:

      Hi Bee,

      The classes are in both so you can choose which style you prefer as you go along. Let us know if you would like more information.

  21. Cindy says:

    Hi, im interested in chinese calligraphy. May i know the cost and the timing? Can email me? Thanks.

    • therealsonic says:

      Hi Cindy. Our Chinese Calligraphy classes are every Friday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Cost is $250 for 4 lessons. Will e-mail you separately too.

  22. chwee hua says:


    I’m interested in the Chinese calligraphy writing for children. possible to have more info?

    • therealsonic says:

      Hi, thank you for your inquiry. Our current Chinese Calligraphy teacher does not teach children. He generally teaches adults but it may be possible for 12 years and above. Will e-mail you separately with your inquiry.

  23. Camelia says:

    Hello! May i know if there is calligraphy writing for children age 5

    • artist at HRG says:

      Hi Camelia, our available classes are for adults currently. However, we are building a new children’s class on Saturdays. I will have to get back to you if a 5-year old is too young.

  24. PEI YING says:

    Hi, when are the next Chinese calligraphy lessons?

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