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Art Jamming Hens Night Singapore at Heartroom Gallery

Looking for a fun, wholesome, and affordable idea for a dear friend’s hen party? Look no further. Give the bride a memorable hen’s night to remember with her dear girlfriends. Art jamming for your friend’s hen’s night is a great way to bond and have fun in Singapore.

Art Jamming at Heartroom Gallery is the perfect cozy place that will create a lasting and precious memory for her. Heartroom is a real art studio and gallery, so you will be surrounded by beautiful art while having your fun hen’s night out.

Art Jamming for your hen’s night out is a new experience and is one of the best ways to bond with each other. Come together and create an art masterpiece while laughing and eating.

What happens at an Art Jamming Hen’s night Session?

Our experiences tell us that art jamming together, along with music, food, and drinks is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable times spent together. You are also most welcome to bring your own wine and order local delights from the nearby famous Pek Kio Food Centre. You can also arrange for your own food delivery to our Gallery. The best time to come for a hen’s night art jamming is in the late evening. We will do our best to arrange a time when there are fewer people around.

An art jamming session is just a bunch of friends enjoying each other’s company with painting, eating, and drinking as part of the night’s activities. There is minimal facilitation but you are free to engage the in-house artist for help. The best part is that the bride gets to bring home the masterpiece as a gift and hangs it in her matrimonial home. That makes a beautiful souvenir for the bride’s once-in-a-lifetime event.

Each Art Jamming hen party lasts 2 1/2 hours. Canvas, paint, and house brushes are provided as part of the package. After the session, the party usually adjourns somewhere else.

Book Your Hen's Night Art Jamming

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Hen's Night Art Jamming Session with food at Heartroom Gallery
Art Jamming Hen's Night Singapore at Heartroom Gallery
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