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Learn the art of watercolor painting at Heartroom Gallery.

Last Station Budapest - watercolor painting classes at Heartroom Gallery

Watercolor as a medium is a delightful and relatively easy art to learn.

Learn to paint in watercolor at Heartroom Gallery. Our instructor is a young award winning artist whose style of painting is what he calls “Urban Realism.”

The class teaches you to use these water-based paints to develop your unique and beautiful expression of art effortlessly.

Some of the basic techniques you will learn in the class include:

Wet-On-Wet and Wet-On-Dry

The most fundamental techniques used by artists are the wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry methods. While wet-on-wet produces a blended effect, wet-on-dry is used to differentiate between objects or elements.

Flat Wash

Suitable for doing backgrounds, the flat wash is done using a big flat brush and pre-mixed (paint and water) medium. If you would like to give some texture to the background, try sprinkling some salt, the results are amazing!

Gradated Wash

Also done using a flat paint brush, the gradated wash is carried out by adding a little water with each stroke. This technique produces a beautiful ombré effect.

Dry Brush

The dry brush technique is when you use watercolor paints without adding water to them. The dry brush technique creates a coarse, textured effect, almost like broken crayons. When done on top of a flat wash or just a plain water wash, dry brush technique produces blurry, blended colors.

Have you wanted to de-stress after a hard day at work with painting?

Have you ever wanted to try some watercolor but find it hard?

Feeling the inner Picasso inside you but don’t know where to start?

Fear no more as the instructor, Tam Kwan Yuen, will guide you to complete your first watercolor painting!

Some topics include:

  • Simple techniques like mixing paint and blending, drawing straight lines with the brush, wet on wet, dry brush, dry on wet, etc.
  • Painting the sky, trees, mountains
  • Tonal Study
  • Colour concepts, painting in relationship
  • Texture
  • Atmosphere
  • Colour theory
  • Outdoor sketching 1
  • Outdoor sketching 2
  • Final assignment

Fees and Material Costs:

  • Beginners – $250 per month
  • Intermediate – $280 per month
  • Advanced – $300 per month

Four sessions per month at one session a week. Each session lasts two hours.

Material cost is $20 to$80 per person.

Tam Kwan Yuen is a young artist that practices primarily in watercolor art.

His works have been selected at various international shows while winning awards and distinctions. Kuan Yuen’s watercolor works have also been featured in art publications including the Art of Watercolor magazine.

Kuan Yuen is a member of various societies including the Singapore Watercolor Society and the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society (Signature Member).

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Watercolor Painting Classes

Watercolor painting classes for beginners and intermediate students.

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