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Acrylic Art Classes Singapore

Acrylic painting on canvas is an excellent hobby to pick up. The advantage of using Acrylic paint for painting on canvas is that your piece of art will not take as much time as oil painting, and the quality of the work is just as good. There is no medium as effortless and vibrant as acrylic paints. The quality and expression that these water-based paints create are truly one of a kind.

Canvas painting classes are also great for couples and families. Art classes are an excellent way to bond and have fun while having a nice cup of coffee or a meal at the hawker centre right next door. Painting on canvas is one of the ways where you can relax where art can be a form of therapy.

Our Canvas Painting Classes at the Heartroom Gallery are a non-structured fun way to pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to learn. Classes are for beginners to intermediate painters.

We have classes for both children and adults. Contact us at or +65 9672 7849


No, you do not need to have any experience in painting. Painting on canvas is one of the easiest forms of art. There is no wrong or right to painting as it is your creation. Acrylic painting on canvas is great for beginners as long as you are willing to learn.

All regular acrylic paints are included. You are encouraged to buy your own suitable brushes when you arrive but you are welcome to use our house brushes. What is not included are some specialised paints and the canvas that you have to buy. We have various sizes of good quality canvas to choose from.

Yes, children as young as 4 up to 12 years of age are welcome to try creating their own pieces of art on canvas. This is the reason why we use acrylic paints because they are water based, easier to clean off when the paint has not dried and more forgiving. We not only have kids canvas painting using acrylic but other children’s classes such as tole art painting for kids too.

Classes are 2 1/2 hours each for adults. Adult classes are $280 for four classes to be completed within a month. Kids Canvas classes are $200 for 2 hours and four times a week. There are no fixed schedules, which means that classes are flexible. This flexible arrangement works great for people who are busy and want more flexibility. Some of the students have so much fun that they finish two sessions in a single day.

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Painting on Canvas Classes

Classes include basic paint with guidance from a master painter.

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Canvas Painting is for Everyone

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