Paint on Canvas

Painting on canvas is a great way to relax and let your creative-self go free. Heartroom Gallery has classes for beginners in Singapore. Here at the Heartroom Gallery, we encourage your artistic free expression but will guide you in the process. Our art classes are flexible and not too structured.

We have art callsses for all levels.


Folk Art Painting

Heartroom Gallery specialises in Decorative Painting which is sometimes called Tole Painting or Folk Art Painting. Decorative Painting uses brush stroke work and techniques to create a very diverse art form on functional and non-functional surfaces.

Decorative is a highly teachable art form because the methods employed can be easily learnt. Students will have a great time creating art especially on functional items such as boxes and even furniture.


Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy

Learn the classical styles associated with Chinese Brush Painting. Students will be able to learn the various styles and techniques from the various schools. The traditional styles can be updated with more modern techniques which add colour to the art.

Calligraphy is art in poetry. Chinese Calligraphy is both beautiful with meaning. Learn to express your message in art through Chinese Calligraphy.


Drawing Manga

Some stories are better told in illustration! Manga, or 漫画, is the art Japanese comics which is an essential part of Japanese pop culture.

Always wanted to draw your own Manga but don’t know where to start? Then join us today to realise your potential and dreams! Explore the fun and wonders of Manga drawing right from the basics! This includes basic charater design and sketching, or conceptualize your own comic series. A great way to begin a hobby or career in the field of Japanese Manga!


Watercolor Art Classes

Learn the popular art of Watercolor Painting.

Painting using Watercolor is a easy medium to learn but difficult to master. Start with the basics at Heartroom Gallery and enjoy and immerce yourself in the art.