Couple painting on canvas together

Art Jamming for Couples

Are you looking for a more meaningful way to connect with your partner? There are many things you can do ...
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/ Art Jamming, couples
Valentine's Day Themed Modern Calligraphy Workshop at Heartroom Gallery

Modern Calligraphy Valentine’s Day Workshop Singapore

About the Workshop Learn the basics of the Modern Calligraphy in this Valentine's Day-themed workshop. No prior experience in Calligraphy ...
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/ Modern Calligraphy, Valentine's Day
Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Modern Calligraphy Christmas Workshop Singapore

Christmas Theme - Calligraphy Workshop   Calligraphy, a visual writing art, dates back as early as the 15th century where ...
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/ Christmas, Modern Calligraphy
Art Jamming at Empress Place

Art Jamming Team Building Singapore

Art Jamming Team Building Singapore Art Jamming is not about Problem Solving. Team building does not have to involve a formal ...
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School Holiday Art Classes

School Holiday Art Classes Singapore

School Holiday Art Classes Singapore Why Heartroom Gallery? The conducive environment, coupled with very caring and gifted art instructors at ...
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Art Jamming Party - Birthday

Art Jamming Parties

Art Jamming Parties Singapore What are Art Jamming Parties? Art Jamming parties are one of the best ways to celebrate ...
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/ Art Jamming, Parties
Art Therapy - Happy girl painting

Art Therapy For Adults

Art Therapy for Adults Singapore What is Art Therapy? Art Therapy is the process where art is used to help ...
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Beginners Chinese Calligraphy Lessons

The Four Treasures BRUSH Animal hair is typically used to make a brush used for Chinese Caligraphy. Sheep and Wolf ...
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/ Chinese Painting
Kids Art Classes - Manga

Art Classes for Kids Singapore

Art Classes for Kids Singapore Art classes are not meant to be structured Our art classes bring out the creativity ...
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